Petition Calling For Nikita Mazepin To Be Banned From F1 Gets 30,000 Signatures In 3 Days

The petition was created after Nikita Mazepin posted a video of him groping an Instagram model onto social media.

A petition calling for Nikita Mazepin to be removed from his 2021 F1 seat with the Haas F1 Team has secured over 30,000 signatures in around three days.

The petition is directed at Formula One, the FIA, and the Haas F1 Team.

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“This petition is calling for immediate action from the FIA and all parties involved to remove Nikita Mazepin from his Formula 1 seat,” the petition reads.

Continuing, the person who started the petition against Mazepin, Tanya Alexandra, claims that he has a “history of alleged sexually predatory behaviour against women.”

“We are asking them to invoke the second point of Appendix B of the International Sporting Code. His actions have caused many to question the character of the Formula One Championship and governing bodies.

“He has a history of alleged sexually predatory behaviour against women, has been shown to be aggressive on the track, and has now sexually assaulted an unknown woman and uploaded it to his social media for everyone to see.”

Following the incident, the Haas F1 Team said in a statement that they were dealing with the “abhorrent” incident internally.

Meanwhile, Nikita Mazepin issued an apology on social media, saying he should be held to a higher standard as he is set to join the F1 grid in a matter of months.

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If you would like to sign this petition, you can do so via the website.

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