Dear Haas, Nikita Mazepin Is An Abomination To Formula One

Even prior to groping an Instagram model, Nikita Mazepin had a track record which should make any F1 team think twice about signing him.

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My opinion pieces are usually quite short, as I like to cut to the chase and I prefer not to belabour the point, but this article will be especially brief as I believe it’s a clear-cut debate and there’s not much room for argument.

It should be clear for anyone and everyone – inside and outside of Formula One – to see that Nikita Mazepin is not fit to be associated with any professional, self-respecting sport.

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His deplorable actions earlier this week, namely his groping of an Instagram model and his half-baked apology, are more than enough to demonstrate that Nikita Mazepin has no place on the F1 grid.

But, that’s not all. Mazepin has a track record of violence, being insensitive and putting competitors at risk.

For instance, several years ago, he punched fellow racing driver Callum Ilott after an on-track incident in a practice session, leaving the British driver – who was tipped to join Haas for 2021  – with a bruised face.

And, earlier this year, the Russian made a number of inappropriate and insensitive jokes about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, there’s also concerns about Mazepin’s erratic and dangerous driving in junior series, as he very recently demonstrated in Bahrain.

The Haas F1 Team, which Mazepin is set to join next year, has condemned his recent actions in the UAE and said they will take action internally, without providing any details at all.

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To be frank, this simply isn’t good enough. At the very least, the F1 community deserves to know what, if any, punishment is being dished out.

I agree with and support the calls by many in the world of F1 for the Haas F1 Team to tear up Nikita Mazepin’s contract, and instead go for a driver who is not only talented, but is also a good role model for the tens of millions of F1 fans out there.

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