Paddy Lowe admits F1 interest but warns of ‘niche market’

Paddy Lowe left Formula 1 in 2019 following a two-year spell as Williams' chief technical officer.

Former Williams, Mercedes, and McLaren employee Paddy Lowe has been a busy man since leaving Formula 1; however, could he be making a shock return to the sport?

Lowe departed Formula 1 in 2019 following a two-year spell with Williams, after switching from Mercedes.

The Brit enjoyed incredible success whilst working at the pinnacle of motorsport, as he was involved in seven World Championship victories across a 30-year career in F1.

Since leaving the sport, though, his life has interestingly become even busier than it was when travelling around the globe with F1, after co-founding Zero Petroleum.

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Zero Petroleum is the first synthetic fuel company in Great Britain to make petroleum-based items using fully fossil-free production techniques.

It’s fair to say, the company has achieved incredible success in a remarkably short period of time since launching in 2020, with the business having been awarded a Guinness World Record for fuelling the first aircraft powered by synthetic fuel.

This landmark was so significant that materials from it have been taken by the Science Museum in London, where they’ll be exhibited.

Lowe’s business venture comes at a time when Formula 1 is preparing to move to 100-percent sustainable fuel from 2026, as part of the new engine regulations that’ll be introduced then.

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With this in mind, Lowe admitted that the company do see motorsport as a “very interesting sector”, with vehicles of all ages being able to “take advantage” of sustainable fuels.

“Motorsport is a very interesting sector for us, but by no means the only area of interest and in reality, it’s a very small market,” Lowe told PlanetF1.

“You know, it’s a very niche area of fuel consumption, very interesting to me personally because of my background, but not our main area of focus for development at scale – but it will definitely be on our radar as we develop the company and develop our production.

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“Some very interesting and exciting markets there in motorsport, and in relation to any high-end automotive, and classic cars.

“Another great example, you know, people love all the old cars. Nobody wants to stop running them, and they don’t need to, because we’ve got a completely fossil-free solution here.

“That will be built around all the other applications it’s needed for as well. So classic cars and all other types of legacy vehicles can take advantage of that.”