‘No doubt’: George Russell fires new cheating accusation at Ferrari and Red Bull

The technical directive on porpoising will finally be introduced at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes F1 Team are truly on their way back to the top, after an excellent double-podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix made it back-to-back two-three finishes for the German team.

Over recent rounds, Mercedes have begun to close the gap to Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari, with the latter only 30 points ahead of the Silver Arrows in the Constructors’ Championship.

George Russell is expecting this gap to close even further at the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix, which comes immediately after the summer break which began after the conclusion of the Hungarian GP.

The technical directive surrounding porpoising, which was announced in June, will finally be implemented at Spa, much to Russell’s pleasure.

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It was supposed to have been introduced at the French Grand Prix; however, it was delayed following backlash from a number of teams.

Mercedes have been in support of the FIA clamping down on porpoising, with Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton having faced troubling bouncing issues this season.

Hamilton most notably suffered from porpoising at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where he suffered from substantial back pain which saw him struggle to get out of his W13 post-race.

Mercedes have proven that drivers are at risk of serious injuries as a result of porpoising, most significantly brain damage.

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The FIA has gotten involved in the porpoising saga due to the risk of injury that it presents, resulting in the FIA clamping down on ‘flexi-floors’.

Russell is expecting the TD to have an effect on the running order, with the British driver believing Red Bull and Ferrari have “pushed the regulations”.

“Spa is going to be interesting,” he told Sky Sports.

“There are some changes to some of the regulations which may bring other teams towards us. I think we as a team have a lot of confidence in ourselves and faith that we are doing a great job and there’s no reason we can’t be in the mix.

“There is no doubt Ferrari and Red Bull have pushed the regulations in that regard and we have respected it as the regulation was intended.

“There’s no guarantee that it would bring them closer to us. We know if it was on our car it would make us slower. There’s no guarantees, every car is different but it’s not going to help them that’s for sure.”

Red Bull team principal responded to Russell’s comments, sharply, revealing that the incoming TD won’t have an effect on his team and that the rules for 2023 must be announced quickly.

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“Ferrari still has a quick car and Mercedes are coming back at us,” Horner said.

“Maybe we don’t need to TD in Spa.

“The technical directive has no effect on us. We need quick clarification on what the rules are for 2023. I hope as early as this week. It’s ten past midnight for next year and Cinderella has already left.”