Nico Rosberg makes ‘bit strange’ claim about Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc’s actions in Monza have been put under the spotlight after his battle with Carlos Sainz around Monza’s iconic circuit.

Nico Rosberg has raised questions about the effusive praise offered by Charles Leclerc regarding his intense battle with Carlos Sainz during the Italian Grand Prix. 

The two Ferrari drivers engaged in a thrilling duel for the final podium spot at Monza, coming perilously close to contact on several occasions before Sainz ultimately secured third place at the checkered flag.

Sainz’s podium finish behind the Red Bull drivers delighted the Ferrari-filled grandstands at Monza. 

While Leclerc expressed his admiration for his teammate’s performance, Rosberg was somewhat skeptical.

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Speaking to the media, including, after the race, Leclerc shared his enthusiasm for the thrilling battle with his teammate on Ferrari’s home turf. 

He emphasised the joy he derived from the intense competition on the track.

“This is exactly what racing should be,” Leclerc stated.

“In the past with Max, I’ve had similar fights, with Checo [Perez] today it was on the limit too, and with Carlos, it was on the limit too, whether it was defending or attacking, and that made it really enjoyable inside the car.”

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He continued, “And at the end, we’ve maximised the team’s points, or the maximum result we could have done for the team. 

“So it was really cool. I was on the limit, Carlos was on the limit, this is normal. 

“I think it means a lot to both of us to be on the podium in front of the Tifosi, so we gave it all.”

Leclerc acknowledged the significance of having at least one Ferrari on the podium for the passionate Tifosi. 

He concluded, “But we also know that how important it is for the Tifosi to have one red car, whoever it is, on the podium. 

“So we had that in mind, but we also really enjoyed it, both of us.”

After giving similar remarks to Sky Sports F1 following the race, Nico Rosberg, the 2016 World Champion, who was serving as a pundit for the channel, raised doubts about the authenticity of Leclerc’s words. 

Rosberg believed that Leclerc genuinely meant what he said, leading him to question whether the Ferrari driver was being “too kind” to his teammate.

Rosberg expressed his reservations, stating, “There’s something a bit strange. 

“I mean, ‘I had such a lovely fight, and what a great day, and I’m gonna have a beer with Carlos, we’re gonna have a laugh.’ I’m not sure about that.”

He continued, “Because I mean, seriously, Carlos on one of those occasions was over the limit.

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“He locked up on the inside, he went off the track and took Charles with him, and, as teammates, that’s the one where that’s a bit over the edge, and so I’m not sure what’s going on there.”

Rosberg admitted that he was trying to decipher the authenticity of Leclerc’s comments and ultimately concluded that they were genuine. 

However, he remained puzzled, wondering if Leclerc’s generosity towards his teammate might be excessive.