Nico Rosberg drops huge claim about Mercedes investigation

Mercedes, along with the rest of the grid, have been studying Red Bull’s intricate floor design after it was revealed to all in Monaco.

Ex-Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has claimed that at least two Formula 1 teams have dedicated significant resources to meticulously studying the impressive floor design of the dominant Red Bull team. 

Throughout the current season, Red Bull has consistently outperformed its competitors, and a key factor behind their success has been their concealed trump card.

The intricate floor design of the RB19 plays a pivotal role in optimising the car’s aerodynamics, granting it a substantial advantage on the track. However, during qualifying in Monaco, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez suffered an accident that necessitated the hoisting of his car in the air to facilitate swift recovery on the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

This unforeseen turn of events provided rival teams with a golden opportunity to see photographs of the underside of the Red Bull car, enabling them to scrutinise its innovative floor design. 

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Speaking on Sky Sports, Rosberg revealed that he had been in contact with individuals from two different aero departments who have devoted an extensive amount of time over the past week to meticulously dissecting the photographs.

“I spoke to two people from two different aero departments – their biggest focus in the last week has been to try and dissect those Red Bull pictures from Monaco, courtesy of Sergio Perez’ crash,” he said.

“They have had people really dedicating their time in the last few days to really analyse the airflow and understand it.”

Rosberg did not specify which two teams he was referring to but, given his long-time affiliation with Mercedes, it is not unreasonable to assume the Silver Arrows may be one of them. 

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Technical director James Allison has already admitted that he and his staff would be taking a good look at the Red Bull design.

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“Well, certainly it always attracts a lot of interest,” Allison told reporters when questioned on the subject.

“There’s a lot of scurrying around with team cameramen, not just to rely on the TV pictures which are low resolution and not good enough grade.

“Photographers are positioned at strategic parts of the track where there’s a likelihood that the cranes will be brought into play, and they’re there clicking away furiously and then our inbox is subsequently filled with the high-res images of other cars.

“Sadly, our own car had its trip into the heavens this weekend. There’ll be plenty of photos in our competitors’ inboxes from that. But yes, we got a nice clutch of Red Bull imagery and that’s always a good thing for our aerodynamicists to pore over and see if we can pick out details that will be of interest to us in our ongoing test programme.”