Mick Schumacher on Lewis Hamilton’s level

Mercedes reserve driver Mick Schumacher showed he can match Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Mercedes recently treated fans to an entertaining and competitive “Guess the F1 Driver” quiz featuring their drivers Mick Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell. 

The challenge proved to be a fun and enlightening test of their Formula 1 knowledge as they attempted to identify drivers based on their career teams.

Mercedes shared a video of this light-hearted contest on their social media platforms, and it quickly garnered attention from F1 enthusiasts. 

The quiz involved guessing various drivers, including current stars like Daniel Ricciardo, Alex Albon, and Valtteri Bottas, as well as retired and classic drivers like Mika Hakkinen, Nigel Mansell, and Jenson Button.

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Despite facing some challenging questions, all three drivers managed to correctly identify legendary driver Niki Lauda. 

However, they encountered more difficulties with the remaining answers. Sebastian Vettel was correctly guessed by both Russell and Schumacher, while Ricciardo was only identified correctly by Russell. 

George Russell impressively identified Albon, Mansell, and Button correctly.

In addition to these correct answers, Schumacher and Hamilton successfully identified their own famous namesakes, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, as well as the iconic Ayrton Senna. 

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Hamilton also accurately identified Hakkinen and Bottas, while Schumacher guessed Esteban Ocon.

In the end, all three drivers finished with an equal score of six correct answers each, resulting in a friendly tie. 

While they faced challenges with certain questions, their solid knowledge of Formula 1 was on full display.

On the grid, Mercedes currently occupies second place in the constructors’ championship with 273 points. 

However, they trail significantly behind Red Bull Racing, which boasts an impressive 583 points. 

The “Silver Arrows” maintain a 45-point lead over Ferrari and a 56-point advantage over Aston Martin.

As the championship enters its final stages, Mercedes remains optimistic about their performance. 

The upcoming high-downforce circuits, such as the Singapore Grand Prix, are expected to favour their car, potentially giving them an edge over Ferrari. 

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Nevertheless, Mercedes will closely monitor the developments and upgrades from both the Italian and Aston Martin teams as they aim to secure their second position in the constructors’ standings.

In the drivers’ championship battle, Lewis Hamilton finds himself in a tight contest for third place with Fernando Alonso, trailing the Spanish driver by just six points. 

Meanwhile, George Russell, currently seventh in the standings, has Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz within striking distance, with a gap of only two and eight points, respectively.