F1 drivers team up with football stars in €50 million deal

Sports stars, including Formula 1 drivers and footballers, are coming together in a multi-million-dollar deal.

Formula One drivers and world-class soccer players have come together to inaugurate a groundbreaking €50 million ($54 million) investment fund known as the Elite Performance Fund. 

This collaborative venture brings together luminaries from the world of motorsport and football to explore investment opportunities in sports-related sectors.

Among the prominent investors in the Elite Performance Fund are Formula One drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. 

The fund’s primary focus areas encompass sports technology and media, fan engagement, and nutrition. 

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This dynamic combination of talent and expertise aims to revolutionise the sports industry.

Joining forces with F1’s finest are soccer stars who have left an indelible mark on the sport’s history. 

Raphaël Varane, a Manchester United defender and a key figure in France’s victorious 2018 World Cup campaign, stands as one of the notable investors. 

Alongside him is João Mário, a vital contributor to Portugal’s European Championship triumph in 2016. 

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These football icons are collaborating with Lisbon-based fund manager APEX to drive this initiative forward.

Varane, reflecting on his involvement in the venture, stated, “I have been investing in startups for some time now, and I aspire to share my investment experiences with other athletes and learn from theirs.” 

His commitment highlights the desire among athletes to diversify their portfolios and engage in meaningful ventures beyond the sporting arena.

This endeavour aligns with a broader trend in the sports industry, where athletes are increasingly exploring investment opportunities. 

Just last month, NFL legend Tom Brady made headlines by acquiring a minority stake in English second-tier soccer club Birmingham. 

This strategic move saw Brady partnering with Knighthead Capital Management, the club’s holding company.

The APEX fund, powered by the collective wisdom of these sporting luminaries, boasts additional investments from Raphaël Varane’s Manchester United teammate Christian Eriksen, as well as Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen and Netherlands international Daley Blind. 

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This diverse group of athletes is contributing their insights and resources to foster innovation and growth within the sports sector.

António Caçorino, Chief Executive of APEX, emphasized the collaborative spirit of the endeavor, stating, “Athletes aren’t just our capital sources – they’re our partners. 

“They infuse our decisions with genuine insights from their respective sports.”