Mercedes mock Max Verstappen after Lando Norris incident

Mercedes revived their rivalry with Red Bull in a playful tweet about Max Verstappen’s broken trophy.

Following Max Verstappen’s dominant victory at the Hungaroring, the podium celebrations took an unexpected turn when Lando Norris accidentally broke the valuable porcelain trophy while popping champagne. 

While Red Bull plans to replace the 40,000 euro trophy, Mercedes couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the incident.

On Twitter, Mercedes shared a picture of the 2012 trophy from their collection and playfully added a caption: “Don’t worry, we’ll be extra careful.” 

The lighthearted banter between the teams provided a refreshing moment in a sport where fans can become passionately devoted to specific teams and drivers.

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In the fiercely competitive world of F1, tensions often run high between Red Bull and Mercedes fans, particularly after incidents involving the two teams. 

The controversial end to the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi, where Red Bull’s race with Lewis Hamilton had significant consequences, further fuelled the rivalry.

With the potential of more battles between Hamilton and Verstappen, fans will be excited for potential fight between the old rivals. 

With the Twitter jibe meant to be playful, it’s a reminder of the more light-hearted side of the sport.

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While competitiveness and rivalry are key parts of the sport, moments of humour, such as the tweet from Mercedes, show the reveal values that underpin the world of Formula 1.

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As the F1 season unfolds, fans can expect further twists and turns on and off the track. 

The battle for supremacy between Red Bull and Mercedes is likely to intensify, adding even more drama and excitement to each race. 

However, amidst the high stakes and fierce competition, it’s essential to remember that F1 is also a sport where teams and drivers can enjoy good-natured banter and celebrate the joys of racing together.