Lando Norris reveals Max Verstappen scenario required for him to win

McLaren driver Lando Norris continued his team’s impressive run of form in Hungary, with another podium finish.

After securing a second-consecutive podium finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lando Norris reflected on McLaren’s resurgence and overcoming early-season criticism.

The British driver’s outstanding performance at the Hungaroring helped him clinch second place, holding off a charging Sergio Perez in the closing stages of the race. 

Norris credits McLaren’s progress to hard work, teamwork, and a major upgrade introduced to his car at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Lando Norris has been instrumental in McLaren’s remarkable upturn in form in recent races. 

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The British driver achieved a well-deserved second-consecutive podium finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix, showcasing his talent and determination on the track. 

Despite starting third, Norris found himself carried wide by the intense battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Turn 1. 

Nevertheless, he managed to overcome the setback and benefit from an undercut on teammate Oscar Piastri, securing second place while successfully fending off a late charge from Sergio Perez.

Acknowledging the challenges he faced during the race, Norris admitted, “[It was] a tough race, not an easy one, especially with Checo catching at the end, but he didn’t have enough pace to catch up. 

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“I had to fight for a little bit in the beginning – I got a bit screwed over in Turn 1, but another podium for McLaren, which is amazing.”

When asked about the possibility of a race win in the near future, Norris remained realistic, saying, “If Max retires or something, maybe. 

“But the guys are too quick unless they make mistakes or something happens.” 

Nonetheless, he expressed contentment with the team’s progress, highlighting the remarkable transformation McLaren has undergone in recent races. 

Norris praised the team’s efforts, stating, “At the minute, we’re happy with the progress we have made to go from where we were four or five races ago, struggling to get out of Q1 sometimes, to fighting for poles and fighting for podiums, we will take it for now and our time will come later on.”

McLaren’s resurgence can be attributed to a significant upgrade introduced on Norris’ car at the Austrian Grand Prix, followed by Piastri receiving the package at Silverstone in the previous race. 

The updates resulted from extensive hard work and excellent teamwork, with Norris crediting the efforts of everyone back at the factory. 

The team’s determination and dedication have paid off, leading to a considerable gain in performance.

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Reflecting on McLaren’s progress, Norris explained, “A lot of hard work, great teamwork – everyone back in the factory did an amazing job. 

“I think we knew it in the beginning that we were going to struggle and we looked pretty poor. 

“We got a lot of abuse saying we weren’t doing a good enough job, so I’m happy we have finally proven some people wrong.”