McLaren boss sends Lando Norris 2025 warning as Red Bull attempt to lure him

McLaren have claimed just one victory since 2013, with that coming courtesy of Daniel Ricciardo at the 2021 Italian GP.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown has openly admitted that McLaren won’t be performing at “full strength” until 2025, as a result of the “speedbump” they’ve hit this season.

McLaren have endured a challenging start to the season both on and off the circuit.

On the circuit, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri have been driving an inconsistent car, something which has resulted in top 10 finishes being a rarity for the Woking-based team.

Off the circuit, McLaren have undergone a significant change of personnel and infrastructure, with the outfit set to have a new wind tunnel at the end of the season.

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Brown is trying to put the pieces in place to ensure that McLaren have a strong future, with a lot of it now starting to fall into place.

“What I need, and I believe we have visibility to what’s coming, we need two good racing drivers and we have got that, you need technology infrastructure and that is going to be here by the end of the year – we have been talking about it for years but it is finally… the wind tunnel is down there, the simulator is down there. We have a new manufacturing unit,” Brown told

“So you need new technology infrastructure, which we were far behind on. That takes years and then we had Covid, so you stop production. So that will be here by the end of the year.”

High profile staff changes have seen Andrea Stella become McLaren’s team principal, whilst long-term Red Bull employee Rob Marshall has made the switch.

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The British side have also signed David Sanchez from Ferrari, who will be joining the team as a technical director in January, as will Marshall.

Brown has a plan to have “everything in place” for a return to the front by mid-2024, in the belief that this will see McLaren return to “full strength” in 2025.

It means 2024 will likely be another year of growth and development for the team, with Brown expecting a “step forward” to be made.

 “I will have everything in place by this time next year, which really means we won’t be at full strength until the 2025 season,” added Brown.

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“Even though the new wind tunnel and the new manufacturing and all that will be online at the end of the year, we are already working on our ‘24 car – even though David, who I think will have a great influence, he doesn’t start until January and our car is already going.

“If you look at the trajectory we are on, we have hit a speedbump in ‘23, we are working on it. We should see a gradual improvement. ‘24 should be another step forward because we have more than what we have today, and ‘25, we have everything we need other than the time it takes to build a culture and people gelling.

“That is the journey we are on and now we just need to ride the highs and lows of motor racing results, keep our heads down, not get too high, not get too low and stick to the plan.”