Max Verstappen told this driver is his biggest threat

Max Verstappen secured his third consecutive Formula 1 world championship in Qatar last weekend.

Eddie Jordan, a prominent figure in the world of Formula 1, has voiced his belief that emerging talent Oscar Piastri could be the driver most likely to challenge Max Verstappen for the driver’s championship in the years to come. 

While Lewis Hamilton and George Russell harbour aspirations of challenging the Red Bull superstar, the true potential of the Mercedes cars remains a subject of uncertainty.

Max Verstappen’s recent triumph at the Qatar Grand Prix marked his third consecutive title win, a victory that seemed inevitable for many weeks due to his exceptional performance at the start of the season. 

The Dutch driver appears poised to maintain a prolonged dominance in Formula One, with his rivals struggling to find a way to thwart his progress.

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At the Luisail International Circuit, the 26-year-old driver secured an effortless victory, demonstrating his determination to conclude the season with flair and reiterate his supremacy, even with the championship pressure eased. 

However, the other contenders in the field are eager to establish themselves as potential challengers before the 2024 season and stake their claim as the primary candidates to contest Verstappen’s title reign.

During an appearance on talkSPORT, Eddie Jordan expressed his confidence in Oscar Piastri, stating, “You have to think about McLaren. 

“McLaren at the moment and Oscar Piastri is just fabulous, and he is the only real one that I can see emerging that could take it to [Max] Verstappen in years to come. 

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“And let’s hope that happens because for a young kid, rookie of the year, to come in and win that Sprint Race on Saturday and finish second yesterday was simply staggering. 

“And I have to say I have the height of respect for this kid, and I think he’s got a massive future. 

“Let’s see what happens.”

While George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have both expressed their disappointment in not being able to challenge for victories in recent weeks, it is notable that neither of them was mentioned by Jordan as potential rivals, which might raise eyebrows within the Mercedes camp.

Furthermore, Eddie Jordan acknowledged Max Verstappen’s exceptional qualities, highlighting the Dutch driver’s potential to dominate the sport for many years to come. 

He remarked, “Sometimes you look at Messi and you think ‘My God, how did he score that goal?’ Forget Ronaldo for a moment, or Maradona. 

“This guy (Verstappen) is so special, he’s so dedicated, he’s so committed at everything. 

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“It’s almost boring because he’s in the simulator. 

“Right now today he’s going through exactly the corners, the turns, how he can go quicker in Austin the next race, and so forth. 

“He’s that dedicated to the job of dominating, and that’s what he is doing.”