Max Verstappen to compete in endurance race today

Max Verstappen won the virtual Spa 24 Hours in 2019 with Lando Norris.

Being a double Formula 1 World Champion seemingly isn’t enough for Max Verstappen, as it has been announced that the sim-racing lover is making a return to the virtual world this weekend in the virtual Le Mans series Spa Six Hours.

Verstappen will be getting into his sim rig to take part in the third round of the series, which tends to feature some of the best talents in both real life and virtual racing.

The Red Bull star is arguably one of the best in both, having competed in several virtual events as part of Team Redline, who he’ll be competing for once again this Friday and Saturday at a virtual version of Spa-Francorchamps.

Verstappen has claimed victory at the venue in the sim world before, where with Lando Norris he claimed the 24-Hour honours in 2019.

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Norris doesn’t actually compete for Team Redline anymore, since he founded his own esports company, Quadrant.

The virtual series released a message to the thousands of excited fans, announcing his presence in the race.

Yes, the rumours are true. Max Verstappen will be returning to the Le Mans Virtual grid for round three of the 2022 series,” said the virtual series.

“Once you’ve conquered the peak of IRL racing, you may as well try the peak of sim racing too. And to all of the orange army, you can thank us later!”

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Verstappen will be competing in the LMP category, where he’ll be coming up against a familiar face.

IndyCar and ex-F1 driver Romain Grosjean is also going to be competing in the event this weekend, for his own side, R8G Esports.

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Both of the driver’s team-mates were announced Thursday morning by

“Max Verstappen and Romain Grosjean will take part in Saturday’s Le Mans Virtual Series Six Hours of Spa,” revealed

“Verstappen will join Jeffrey Rietveld and Maximilian Benecke at Team Red Redline, while Grosjean will drive for R8G Esports squad with Martin Hemmingsen and Ulas Ozyildirim.”