Lewis Hamilton shares new collaboration 

Lewis Hamilton showed a sneak peak of a new collaboration with Monster Energy on Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton has always enjoyed the Formula 1 lifestyle, being spotted wearing all sorts of outfits and collaborating with all sorts of brands.

Max Verstappen even suggested that the biggest difference between himself and Hamilton is the fact that the Brit enjoys the limelight of the sport and the exposure that it brings, while the Dutchman would rather go under the radar and just race.

The seven-time world champion has been a partner of energy drink giants ‘Monster Energy’ for some time now, with the LH-44 collection being a blue grape flavoured energy drink released earlier in Hamilton’s career, inspired by the British driver.

The slogan suggested that “a man who exists in a world of milliseconds demands a drink that can keep up,” going on to suggest that their partnership with Hamilton was on of their fastest and most successful projects yet.

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The 37-year-old has now hinted that there is a new drink in the works, with another partnership deal with Monster Energy set to come soon.

In his Instagram photo dump from the Mexican Grand Prix, one photo features a can of Monster Energy, not so subtly placed in the middle of the shot, labelled ‘New Lewis Hamilton flavour, final version’.

This suggests that another collaboration is on the cards and set to be released soon, which should be a mutually beneficial product for both the brand and the driver, with the previous drink inspired by the F1 legend being a huge success, bringing revenue both ways.

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This shows that the seven-time world champion is still an attractive asset in Formula 1 despite his so far winless year, and potentially even hints at a contract extension, with the brand much less likely to partner with a soon to retire athlete.

Toto Wolff has confirmed that contract talks will begin after the season is finished, as they usually do with Hamilton, allowing both driver and team to focus on getting results without any unwanted distractions.

Should Hamilton fail to win either of the next two races in Brazil or Abu Dhabi, then he will complete the first winless season of his career, a record that he will not want to be breaking anytime soon.