Max Verstappen slammed by Drive to Survive star for Sergio Perez betrayal

Max Verstappen has been questioned for his decision to ignore team orders in Brazil, at Sergio Perez's expense.

Sergio Perez is the ultimate teammate and as far as second drivers go, he has been the best partner that Max Verstappen has ever had.

The Mexican has abandoned his own race hopes on multiple occasions to let Verstappen pass him, or to hold up the likes of Lewis Hamilton as they look to close in on the Dutchman.

Perez gained the ‘Minister of Defence’ title for his heroics last year in Abu Dhabi, which were a major part in his teammates title winning race, but it appears by Verstappen’s’ actions in Brazil that he is unwilling to repay the favour.

The Dutchman was given team orders to allow Perez to pass him on the final lap of the race, as the 32-year-old finds himself locked in a tense battle with Charles Leclerc for the runner up spot in the drivers’ championship, but refused to oblige, telling his team that they know his reasons.

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The two-time world champion has been called out for his short-sighted decision, as the race in Brazil meant nothing to him and the world to Perez, meaning it would have been easy for Verstappen to follow the orders and not risk his reputation with such a public outburst.

Social media is overwhelmed with discussion surrounding the incident, with F1 journalist Will Buxton claiming that Verstappen needs to remember that he is supposed to be the team leader at Red Bull and clearly has a lot left to learn.

“And while Max is every bit a deserving two time champion he showed today he has much to learn about what it is to be a team leader,” he began on Twitter.

“For everything Checo has done to help his cause, today’s result means nothing to Max in the wider view. Disrespected his teammate and his team.”

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Perez was understandably upset after the race, telling reporters that if Verstappen has two world titles, then he owes it to him, seeing as he played the wingman role so many times to help his teammate.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has been quick to downplay any fractures in the team camp, telling reporters that both drivers sat down after the race to discuss what happened, with both Verstappen and Perez putting their opinions on the table.

Both Horner and Verstappen have confirmed that should Perez need help in Abu Dhabi, as he needs to beat Leclerc to secure second in the championship, then the Dutchman will be on hand to do so, no questions asked.