Max Verstappen shockingly snubbed for Spanish driver

Max Verstappen is almost certain to win the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship at the upcoming Qatar GP.

IndyCar driver Agustin Canapino has asserted that 2023 champion and former McLaren test and reserve driver Alex Palou is, in his opinion, a “more complete driver” than Formula 1 superstar Max Verstappen, citing Palou’s prowess on oval circuits as a distinguishing factor.

Max Verstappen, currently poised to secure his third consecutive F1 World Championship, has been the dominant force in Formula 1 in recent years, accumulating an impressive 13 wins in the 2023 season. 

His undeniable skill and the ease with which he outpaces his competitors have solidified his reputation as one of the best drivers in the sport.

However, Canapino’s perspective diverges from the mainstream opinion. 

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He expressed his admiration for Alex Palou, emphasising that in his view, Palou is the “best driver in the world” or at least among the top three. 

Canapino offered his viewpoint, stating, “In my opinion, Palou is more complete than Verstappen. 

“What Palou does in IndyCar for me is really like being an extraterrestrial. 

“But it is a very subjective opinion. 

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“Verstappen is another alien too.”

Canapino’s admiration for Palou is rooted in the Spanish driver’s exceptional performance in IndyCar, where he consistently excels across various types of circuits, including the demanding oval tracks.

The Argentine driver highlighted the unique challenge posed by oval racing, emphasising that it sets IndyCar drivers apart from their F1 counterparts. 

He said, “Don’t let Verstappen’s followers criticise me because I have Verstappen in limbo too but, for me, the fact of racing on ovals makes IndyCar drivers different because the oval is the absolute extreme, and F1 doesn’t have that. 

“That’s why, for me, a driver like Palou, who sets the standard difference in all types of circuits, in all types of disciplines, makes him an extraterrestrial.”

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Canapino himself made his IndyCar debut at the beginning of the 2023 season, transitioning from Argentine touring car racing. 

He was captivated by the exceptional performances of drivers like Palou, who consistently secured top-ten finishes in all 17 races on the IndyCar calendar, notching an impressive 13 top-five finishes and clinching five race victories. 

Palou’s consistency and dominance allowed him to secure the championship title with a race to spare, ending the season finale title shootout drought that had persisted since 2007.