Max Verstappen roasts Red Bull

Max Verstappen's victory at the season-opening Bahrain GP was his first at the Bahrain International Circuit.

With Red Bull looking imperious, reigning world champion Max Verstappen is seemingly as relaxed as ever before, with the Dutchman already being the clear odds-on favourite to reclaim his title for a third consecutive year.

Verstappen cruised to victory at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, with many now wondering if he can beat his new record for most wins in a single season.

The Dutch driver stormed to 15 victories last season, beating the record for most wins in a single campaign.

As well as that, Verstappen also broke the record for most points scored in a season, something else that many are expecting to be smashed once again.

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Whilst only one round of 23 has been completed, Red Bull certainly threw down the gauntlet, with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes having a mountain to climb in order to topple the mighty Austrians.

Red Bull’s RB19 looks virtually unstoppable, with Verstappen having won with ease despite not using the car’s potential.

Just how fast the RB19 can go remains to be seen, with Adrian Newey having seemingly designed yet another masterpiece.

Given how strong Red Bull’s car appears to be, Verstappen has been in a very laidback mood, something that’s been present even before the season began.

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Verstappen was asked by a presenter during an event: “Can you run us through some of the changes that have happened to the car, that we as all the fans can look out for?”

“The livery,” Verstappen joked.

Red Bull’s livery, of course, is something that is often mocked for being the exact same every season, with 2023 having been no different.

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Verstappen likely won’t care about how good the car looks as long as he’s at the front, with the Dutchman’s TV airtime having been incredibly low during the season-opener.

Red Bull will use a different livery at three races this season, with the Milton Keynes-based side opting to run three separate competitions throughout the season, where fans can design their livery.

The Austrians will use a fan-inspired livery at each race in America this season, of which there are three.