Max Verstappen ranked at the bottom of ‘World Destructor Championship’

Amid his season of dominance, Max Verstappen has also proved he is one of the safest drivers in the sport.

Once known as “Crashstappen,” Max Verstappen has undergone a remarkable transformation in the 2023 Formula 1 season, emerging as the driver responsible for the least amount of damage, accounting for less than 10% of Red Bull’s total damage.

In the earlier stages of his career, Max Verstappen was infamous for his aggressive and often reckless driving style, frequently jeopardising his chances of finishing races. 

Rumours even swirled about a potential demotion back to Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) after a practice crash in Monaco in 2018, just two years after he was promoted to Red Bull at the age of 18.

However, since that pivotal incident in Monaco, Verstappen has experienced a significant evolution in his driving approach, leading some to pinpoint that moment as a turning point in his career. 

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Despite this transformation, he couldn’t entirely shake off the “Crashstappen” moniker, as his past reputation continued to linger.

Yet, in a surprising twist, Max Verstappen now finds himself at the bottom of the Formula 1 “World Destructor Championship” standings. 

Over the course of the first 15 races in the 22-race 2023 season, he has caused just $220,000 in damage to the RB19, solidifying his position as one of the least accident-prone drivers in the grid. 

Of that total, $95,000 of damage occurred in Baku in April, with the remaining $125,000 taking place at Silverstone in July.

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Only two other drivers, Valtteri Bottas of Alfa Romeo and Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin, have caused less damage than Verstappen, with each accumulating $225,000 in damages. 

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In stark contrast, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton tops the list, contributing to $525,000 in damage throughout the season.

Verstappen’s clean track record has sparked discussions regarding the strength of his car, which has led to numerous decisive victories. 

Notably, Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez ranks third on the list, with $2,109,000 in damages, highlighting that Verstappen is responsible for less than 9.5% of the team’s total damage.