Max Verstappen On Mongol Slur: ‘I Was Just Angry & Disappointed’

The Red Bull driver is yet to issue a clear apology for using the slurs over the weekend.

Dutch ace Max Verstappen caused a stir in Free Practice Two at Portimao, after he used ableist slurs against Lance Stroll following the two drivers having a collision at turn one.

Specifically, he called Stroll a “retard” and a “Mongol”.

And, when asked for his take on fans potentially being offended by his use of the slurs, Verstappen flatly said it is not his problem.

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Following the incident, Mongol Identity – a group which campaigns to end the use of “Mongol” as a slur – released an open letter calling for Verstappen to issue a public apology.

And the group’s director, Uuganaa Ramsay, later told that they are still waiting for Verstappen to apologise.

“We believe in human kindness. We all make mistakes. We are simply asking for a public apology as this carries a louder message to our next generation,” Ramsay told this publication.

She clarified that they aren’t calling for him to be punished in some way by the FIA or Red Bull.

Verstappen is yet to issue an explicit apology, but he has said there are no hard feelings between him and Lance Stroll.

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“Something like that happens in the heat of battle. I didn’t mean anything else by it, I was just angry and disappointed at that moment.

“We live in a world where everything may be a bit sensitive. I just spoke normally with Lance shortly after. No hard feelings,” he added.

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