Max Verstappen handed boost as Red Bull’s ‘main problem’ will end in 2023

Christian Horner previously suggested that a lighter chassis wasn't being considered for the Austrian's 2023 challenger.

According to Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, Red Bull are set to eradicate their biggest issue of 2022, with their newest challenger set to be 3kg lighter.

Red Bull’s weight issues played a critical role in Ferrari’s early season success, with the Italians having designed a light car, whilst Red Bull’s RB18 was reportedly 10kg heavier than the Italians F1-75.

As a result, tyre wear was an issue for the Austrians at the start of 2022, whilst Ferrari excelled in this department.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit worked relentlessly all of last season to reduce the weight of the RB18, something they’ve continued to do during the winter break for their 2023 car.

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Believed to be named the RB19, it’s set to boast a lighter chassis which will see the team enter the new season closer to Ferrari’s expected weight, something which will allow Red Bull to focus on areas other than weight-loss during 2023.

Interestingly, team principal Christian Horner has previously admitted that there is “no plans to introduce a lighter chassis”, something which the team have seemingly gone back on.

“Well I don’t know where these rumours permeate from,” Horner told Sky Sports F1.

“But no, there’s no plans to introduce a lighter chassis. So you know, we keep going. We’re in good shape.”

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Double World Champion Max Verstappen even revealed himself during 2022 that a lighter chassis was being considered for 2023, with advisor Dr Helmut Marko having also admitted that being overweight was their “main problem” in 2022.

The Austrian has teased, though, that being overweight is an issue that won’t exist “for much longer”, hinting at a drastically lighter car from the Constructors’ Champions.

”The main problem was being overweight,” Marko told Auto Motor und Sport.

“We’re still a little over it now. Maybe not for much longer.”

It is, of course, vital for Red Bull to introduce a strong 2023 challenger from the start of the year, with the side’s reduction in permitted wind tunnel time, following their 2021 budget cap breach, set to affect their mid-season developments.

Ferrari and Mercedes will likely make huge strides during 2023 through their developments, whilst Red Bull might stagnate as a result of their considerable aerodynamic development reduction.

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Marko knows Red Bull must “work very efficiently”, with starting the season on the back foot simply not being an option for the outfit.

“We are of course sitting with this reduction of hours in the wind tunnel,” Marko said.

“That means we have to work very efficiently as a team. All the things we try out have to hit the mark immediately. But fortunately the technical changes for next year are not that big. It means we have a good basic package.”