Max Verstappen dismisses money concern after drawing flak

Max Verstappen has often expressed how much he dislikes sprint races and prefers the traditional format.

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen has insisted that his complaints about Formula 1 aren’t to do with the amount of money he earns, but instead for the good of his “well-being”.

Verstappen is often very honest when asked about the direction F1 is heading in, in regard to its format and the expanding calendar.

Despite his domination of the sport in recent years, he’s admitted that he could walk away from it, if certain changes continue to be made.

His biggest annoyance with the sport currently is the constantly changing format, with him very much wanting F1 to stick to its traditional schedule.

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Verstappen has always been against sprint races and continues to express his displeasure at them being part of the championship, whilst the increased number of races has also been something he’s shared his unhappiness at.

Some aren’t a fan of his complaining; however, Verstappen insists that the only reason he complains is because he cares for the series.

He also admits that some of his complaints are made for the good of his “well-being”.

“Yes, because I care about the sport that I always really liked. And still like it, but to a certain extent,” Verstappen told De Telegraaf.

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“It is also not that I am completely against changes, as is sometimes claimed. But they have to be changes that benefit Formula 1.

“Why do you need to change certain things if things are running well? I think a traditional qualifying session is set up just fine in that form. It shouldn’t just be about money.

“People might think: ‘he makes a lot of money, what is this guy whining about?’ But it’s about well-being, how you experience things and not how much you earn. I sometimes think I have to do too many things. Then I sometimes think: ‘is this still worth it?’”

The Dutchman isn’t actually massively against the calendar getting bigger; however, what he doesn’t like is all the other duties he’s made to do.

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Verstappen isn’t a big fan of marketing and media activities, with him revealing that it’ll eventually get to a point where he doesn’t “feel like doing” F1 anymore.

“That’s not the biggest problem,” Verstappen admitted. “For me, it’s more about what I have to do on top of it all.

“A Thursday before a race weekend is sometimes already quite long, although it depends a bit on where we are. Outside the grand prixs, there is also simulator work. But I spend more than a month a year on marketing, for example. At some point, you no longer feel like doing that.”