Max Verstappen chosen to defeat Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen clashed with Lewis Hamilton throughout the 2021 F1 season, as they battled for the title.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s dominant Dutch driver, has clinched the title of the most likely competitor to outperform fellow Formula 1 world champions Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso when racing in identical machinery. 

This vote of confidence underscores Verstappen’s dominance on the track and his emergence as the driver to watch in the current Formula 1 landscape.

As the Red Bull driver has surged ahead with a commanding 125-point lead over his teammate Sergio Perez, his pursuit of a third consecutive title victory has captivated the motorsport world. 

This triumphant march has been propelled by the prowess of the dominant RB19.

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In a recent poll that posed the question of who would triumph in a head-to-head contest between Verstappen, Hamilton, and Alonso, Verstappen captured the majority of the votes. 

The results reflect the fervour surrounding Verstappen’s performances and his potential to shine even in identical machinery.

Drawing a significant 45.4 percent of the vote, Verstappen’s position as the driver to beat in the current Formula 1 season was resoundingly reaffirmed. 

His dominance is underscored by his remarkable record of securing victories in 10 out of the 12 races held thus far. 

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This display of skill and consistency has solidified his standing as the frontrunner in the championship battle.

While Verstappen emerged as the clear fan-favourite, the contest between the two experienced world champions, Hamilton and Alonso, was notably closer. 

The gap in the poll results was less pronounced, with seven-time champion Hamilton garnering 27.7 percent of the vote share. 

His immense contribution to the sport and his relentless pursuit of victory continue to captivate fans worldwide.

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On the other hand, Alonso, a seasoned campaigner, garnered 26.9 percent of all opinions cast in the poll. 

His illustrious career and his remarkable comeback to Formula 1 have earned him a dedicated following. 

Despite the narrower margin, both Hamilton and Alonso’s reputations remain strong within the motorsport community.