Max Verstappen agrees with Fernando Alonso’s demand

Max Verstappen has agreed with Fernando Alonso's demand ahead of the 2023 Dutch GP.

Amidst growing concerns over the increasing dimensions and weight of modern Formula 1 cars, Helmut Marko, renowned figure in the motorsport realm, has aligned himself with Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen’s protest advocating for the downsizing and weight reduction of current F1 vehicles.

The past decade has witnessed a substantial escalation in the size and weight of Formula 1 cars, a trend that has sparked vigorous discussions within the racing community. 

Comparisons with cars from the 2000s and 1990s reveal a stark incongruity, prompting calls for revisiting the dimensions and weight of contemporary machines.

In 2001, the prescribed minimum weight for an F1 car was 600 kg, a figure that has since surged to a hefty 798 kg. 

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Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has recently expressed his personal aspiration to mitigate the excessive weight burden imposed on current Formula 1 cars.

Fernando Alonso voiced his perspective on the matter, asserting, “The size complicates things more than the weight. 

“In the early corners of the race, it’s now difficult to position the car solely due to its size, not its weight. 

“I think significantly reducing the weight of the cars will be tough, as hybrid engines will always be heavier than regular engines, and safety in these cars is also much greater.”

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Max Verstappen echoed a similar sentiment, sharing his sentiments in remarks reported by 

He articulated, “I enjoyed the 2021 car more than the current one in terms of how agile it was. At low speeds now, it’s a bit like a boat.”

Helmut Marko, a prominent personality in the Red Bull Racing hierarchy, aligned himself with these sentiments. 

He emphasised the convergence of opinions, stating, “We already have cars approaching the weight and size of sports cars. 

“But the tracks remain the same. 

“We would need to widen all the tracks by a meter to match the developments of the cars. All solutions should revolve around this issue. 

“Cars need to become lighter and smaller again,” as conveyed in an interview with Motorsport Total.

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Marko also seized the opportunity to discuss his forthcoming collaboration with Ford, set to commence in 2026, which coincides with a pivotal rule change. 

Expressing his confidence in the forthcoming venture, he asserted, “We have the best when it comes to internal combustion engines. 

“And we have two very brilliant minds on the electric side.”