Massive divergence in reports of Charles Leclerc’s net worth

With rumours swirling that Charles Leclerc could be signing an extension with Ferrari, speculation has been abound about his net worth.

The net worth of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has become a subject of intense speculation, as reports diverge significantly, oscillating between figures as low as $12 million and as high as $125 million. 

While the exact valuation remains elusive, it’s likely that the Monégasque driver’s wealth falls somewhere within this wide range.

Having showcased remarkable prowess during his debut season with Ferrari in 2019, Leclerc inked a groundbreaking contract extension, cementing his position with the team. 

This lucrative agreement not only solidified his status but also ushered in a substantial pay increase, placing him among the elite earners in Formula 1. 

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Reliable sources suggest that Leclerc’s basic earnings stand at approximately $12 million per season, an arrangement set to endure until the culmination of 2024.

Supported by an array of personal sponsors and a robust base salary, Leclerc ascends to the echelons of Formula 1’s top earners, potentially resulting in a net worth that mirrors his considerable income. 

Esteemed financial publication Forbes bestowed Leclerc with the distinction of being the fifth highest-earning Formula 1 driver on the grid during the 2022 season. 

His reported earnings encompass a $12 million salary, complemented by $11 million in bonuses, culminating in a pre-tax salary of approximately $23 million for that year.

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Hailing from Monaco, Leclerc benefits from the region’s tax advantages, escaping federal income tax while still likely contributing to other financial obligations in various domains. 

The talented driver’s affinity for speed extends beyond the racetrack, as evidenced by his impressive car collection, replete with numerous Ferrari models.

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Notably, his collection features a bespoke 488 Pista Spider adorned with the Monégasque flag and a ’16’ decal, emblematic of Leclerc’s Formula 1 race number.

While assessments of Leclerc’s definitive net worth exhibit staggering disparities, an upper estimate hovering around $125 million could potentially place him above his counterpart Max Verstappen, who concluded 2022 with a reported net worth of £72.9 million. 

However, even at this pinnacle, Leclerc remains distanced from the astonishing wealth amassed by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, whose net worth surpassed £270 million by the close of 2022.