Aston Martin boss breaks silence on Lance Stroll faltering amid axe rumours

Mike Krack and Fernando Alonso have spoken out on the challenges facing their team in the next half of the season.

Aston Martin’s pursuit of competitiveness has hit a recent roadblock, as acknowledged by team principal Mike Krack. 

The team’s attempts to improve performance through car upgrades have had unintended consequences, leading to setbacks in recent grands prix. 

Krack openly discussed the complexities of development and their impacts on the team’s overall performance.

“We’re constantly pushing development,” Krack shared in a conversation with DAZN, highlighting the team’s unwavering commitment to progress. 

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However, the intricacies of modern Formula One cars have introduced a challenge where changes in one area can reverberate throughout the vehicle. 

Krack elaborated, “These cars are so complex that any changes affect other areas of the car – there are side effects. 

“We made a change early in the season and we didn’t expect it to have some of the side effects that it did.” 

The German team principal further explained that it took several races on diverse tracks to truly grasp the extent of the changes’ influence on the car’s performance.

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The early part of the 2023 season was marked by high expectations surrounding Fernando Alonso’s potential 33rd career victory. 

However, the newly 42-year-old Spaniard acknowledged the decline in the likelihood of achieving this milestone. 

“In Monaco we were very close and in Canada too, but I think there will be more opportunities despite the fact that, realistically, Red Bull is far ahead,” Alonso conceded. 

Despite the challenges, Alonso’s unyielding belief in his team’s capabilities remains unwavering. 

“Everything I do in life is because I think I’m going to win,” he stated, drawing parallels between his racing mindset and other competitive endeavours. 

“I believe in this team… I don’t know how long it’s going to take us to win, but I think we’re going to do it in the future.”

While Alonso maintains his optimism for the team’s eventual triumph, he admitted that a win in 2023 is growing increasingly unlikely. 

“I don’t think that because I want it more than I’m going to get it. 

“And I don’t think there’s a real chance of getting it this year either,” Alonso confessed. 

However, his faith in the team’s potential remains steadfast, envisioning an opportune moment for victory.

Aston Martin’s team boss, Mike Krack, echoed Alonso’s sentiments while addressing the pursuit of the coveted 33rd win. 

“I’m not going to do a prediction on his 33rd win,” Krack affirmed, underlining the team’s dedication to achieving this milestone. 

Krack’s focus on determination and commitment serves as a reminder of the team’s resolute spirit.

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In response to any speculation that Alonso’s teammate, Lance Stroll, might be a hindrance to the team’s progress, Krack dismissed such notions. 

“Lance hasn’t had much luck this year,” Krack stated, alluding to factors beyond Stroll’s control that have affected his performance. 

Krack reaffirmed the team’s internal understanding of the dynamics within their ranks, emphasising the commitment to moving forward despite challenges.