Martin Brundle warns Ferrari about signing Lewis Hamilton

Martin Brundle believes Ferrari's current issues aren't to do with their driver pairing.

Ex-Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle doesn’t think Lewis Hamilton can “single-handedly” fix Ferrari by driving their car well next year, with their being more to solve at Maranello.

Brundle made the comments last year when Hamilton was rumoured with a move to Ferrari, something which looked unlikely when the seven-time World Champion signed a two-year extension with the side.

However, Thursday evening stunned the world, as it was confirmed that Hamilton will race in red in 2025.

Hamilton is replacing Carlos Sainz at Ferrari following the 2024 season, which will be his 12th and final campaign with Mercedes.

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The 103-time race winner will partner Charles Leclerc for at least two seasons, after agreeing a “multi-year” deal.

It’s been viewed by many as the biggest driver transfer in the history of the sport, with Brundle having commented last year when it was rumoured that he’d “love” to see the British driver try to replicate Michael Schumacher’s success.

“With my Sky F1 cap on and my F1 cap on, I would love to see Lewis in a Ferrari and go there and try and do a Michael Schumacher and win a championship there,” Brundle said last May to Sky Sports. “I think it’d be a wonderful story for next year.”

Whilst Hamilton racing for Ferrari is something most only dreamed of happening, it’s very soon going to be a reality.

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However, Ferrari aren’t in a much better situation than Mercedes currently and are also comfortably behind Red Bull.

Whether Hamilton has high hopes for 2025 remains unknown or if he’s actually looking ahead to 2026 when the new power unit regulations are introduced.

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Regardless, Brundle believes Hamilton can’t simply fix the Italians problems by jumping into the car, as the side itself just aren’t good enough currently.

“You would think so, but I’m a fan of Carlos Sainz as well, they’ve got a very dynamic young partnership there, Brundle said.

“Ferrari’s problem at the moment is not their driver line-up, it’s their car, it’s not fast enough. So that’s where they need to focus. Lewis Hamilton can’t just turn up and sort Ferrari’s issues out single-handedly by pressing the throttle pedal and turning the steering wheel.”