Martin Brundle reveals ultra-controversial stance

McLaren driver Lando Norris revealed that some drivers passed out after the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix.

Ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit Martin Brundle has insisted that he doesn’t “buy into the weak view” that last weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix was too dangerous, due to the unbearable weather conditions.

Several drivers complained after the race that it was too dangerous and that the FIA should avoid making the drivers race in immense heat and humidity, due to the health and safety concerns it raises.

Drivers were seen opening their visors during the race to try and cool their face down, whilst Logan Sargeant retired due to severe dehydration.

Fernando Alonso suffered from burns in the opening stages due to his cockpit becoming too hot and Esteban Ocon revealed that he was sick in his helmet.

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If that wasn’t enough, Lance Stroll shockingly admitted that he passed out in the car momentarily, due to the high heat.

“I was passing out in the car,” claimed Stroll, as reported by The Express.

“You’re just trying to see the kerbs, but the problem is you can’t see where you’re going because you’re passing out. The temperature is too much. Maybe there is some kinds of ventilation system we have to look into for these kind of hot races, like Singapore and here.”

Most drivers were seen laying on the floor immediately after the race, whilst some needed help getting out of their car.

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Stroll actually went straight to an ambulance after the race, with others having taken themselves to the medical centre, where some passed out, according to Lando Norris.

Brundle at first praised the drivers for dealing with the conditions, which he noted can make you “delirious at the wheel”.

“Impressive to watch the F1 drivers cope with those conditions in Qatar,” wrote Brundle on Twitter/X.

“I’ve been that hot in a Le Mans/Dayton24/F1 car, you can get delirious at the wheel, and when the adrenaline subsides and the heat soaks you just can’t get away from your own body it hurts so much.”

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However, he went onto insist that drivers shouldn’t be stopped from racing in the tough conditions, something which has been called for by many.

“It’s races like Qatar and very rainy days which make F1 drivers look the heroes and athletes they are,” Brundle wrote.

“Absolutely don’t buy into the weak view we shouldn’t put them through this kind of challenge. Check out [Ayrton] Senna in Brazil, [Jackie] Stewart at rainy Nurburgring, [Niki] Lauda post crash, etc etc.”