Martin Brundle clashes with supermodel

Actress and model Cara Delevingne refused to speak to Martin Brundle ahead of the 2023 British GP.

The 2023 British Grand Prix will be remembered for several reasons; Max Verstappen becoming just the fifth driver in the history of Formula 1 to win six races in a row, Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton both featuring on the podium, and Martin Brundle having another famous grid walk moment!

The ex-F1 driver spoke to several celebrities on the grid for Sky Sports F1 as usual ahead of the race, including the likes of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, singer Sam Ryder, actress Florence Pugh and singer Liam Payne.

However, one celebrity snubbed the pundit, resulting in Brundle making one of the funniest comments of the season so far.

Actress and model Cara Delevingne was on the grid at the Silverstone International Circuit, where she joined the list of people who felt like they were too good to speak to Brundle.

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She was seemingly at the race with Alfa Romeo, given that an employee from the team accompanied her on the grid.

Whilst it isn’t mandatory for A-list stars to speak to the media whilst on the grid, it’s somewhat seen as a respectable thing to do given the privilege of standing on the start/finish straight ahead of the race.

When Brundle approached the model for a quick chat, the Alfa Romeo staff member was quick to inform the Briton that she wasn’t going to be speaking to him.

“She doesn’t want to talk? But everybody needs to talk on the grid?” Brundle argued with the Alfa Romeo staff member who was clearly looking after Delevingne.

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“That’s the deal now. Everybody talks on the grid.”

 Brundle then tried to ask a couple of people with the model if she’d talk to him.

“Can we have a quick chat… Sky F1?” Brundle asked.

The model shook her head at the ex-F1 driver and looked visibly nervous at what was going on, to which Brundle said: “Well the deal is everybody needs to speak on the grid.”

She ended up saying that she “couldn’t hear anything”, something which made Brundle chuckle knowing that Delevingne could hear everything he was saying.

The pundit came to the realisation that Delevingne wasn’t going to say a word, to which he walked away and sarcastically stated: “Ok…I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting.”

The incident means Delevingne has joined the likes of rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who also infamously rejected an interview with Brundle.

Whilst Brundle couldn’t get a word out of the model, Sky F1’s viewers were left in hysterics over the incident and the pundit’s sarcastic comment in particular.

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“Loved Martin’s comment as he walked away. Spoken for F1 fans everywhere…” wrote @mjh1876 on Twitter.

“What he said at the end (laughing emoji),” wrote another viewer, @Mr_Lawrence4.

@petecoop2977 said: “Legend when he said I’m sure it would have been interesting.”