Fans react to Toto Wolff giving Charles Leclerc the finger

Charles Leclerc had been set to win the 2022 British GP until a late strategy call by Ferrari handed victory to Carlos Sainz.

For the second British Grand Prix in a row, Charles Leclerc received the finger; however, this time it was from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

Wolff waved his finger at Leclerc in the Silverstone paddock whilst riding an electric scooter, with his wife Susie having been alongside.

The Mercedes boss clearly saw the funny side of the incident, whilst Leclerc was visibly perplexed.

It turned out that the finger waving was in reference to what happened in parc ferme at last season’s British GP, where ex-Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto was seen waving his finger at the 25-year-old.

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Leclerc received a waving finger from Binotto as the driver was bitterly disappointed not to have won the race, something Carlos Sainz did.

The Monegasque had been set to win the race, until Ferrari’s strategy worked against him.

At the time, Binotto explained that he spoke to Leclerc as he “was disappointed”, with the Italian having reassured the driver that he completed a “fantastic race” to claim fourth.

“So when I met him, I knew he was disappointed and what I told him was that he did a fantastic race, once again, because he did a fantastic first lap of the race battling,” Binotto said after last season’s British GP, as reported by The Express.

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Leclerc added that Binotto was “pissed off” at the Ferrari driver being unhappy, and that the ex-team boss was simply trying to “cheer me up”.

“I have already said it, and I know that it can create doubt, but he was actually pissed off at me because I was too down, and so he was trying to cheer me up,” Leclerc said after the incident.

“Everybody was wondering why he was putting the finger like this, but I think he was just frustrated to see me so down after such a great race.

“On the other hand, it’s obviously understandable, he understood my disappointment – leading the race and finishing fourth.”

Fast forward to the Leclerc-Wolff incident, and fans saw the funny side of the duo’s interaction, given that it was to mimmick what occurred 12 months ago.

Reddit user PedestalPotato said: “Doing his best Binotto impression for Charles.”

Goldenewbie added: “Charles be like: ‘oh boy, here is that finger again’.”

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Reddit user Homeownur joked that Wolff will be sacked for the incident, given that Binotto left Ferrari at the end of 2022.

“Last time someone raised their finger in front of Charles they were banished from the paddock,” they said.

@Disastrous_Animal_34 said: “Nice of Toto to be so encouraging!”