Toto Wolff makes Mercedes admission following McLaren upgrades

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff praised McLaren’s impressive upgrades after Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri secured P2 and P3 in qualifying.

Qualifying day for the 2023 British Grand Prix delivered a surprise wake-up call to the Mercedes team as McLaren showcased a formidable upgrade to their MCL60, drawing comparisons to the iconic Red Bull RB19. 

The developments at Silverstone added to the intrigue surrounding the race, as multiple topics dominated discussions.

The McLaren team’s upgraded MCL60 made a strong impression, with Oscar Piastri hailing it as a “rocketship” after driving it to an impressive third place on the grid. 

Piastri’s teammate Lando Norris joined Red Bull’s Max Verstappen on the front row, setting the stage for an exciting battle at the iconic circuit.

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Lewis Hamilton, formerly of McLaren, commented on the team’s upgrade, noting that the MCL60 now bears a striking resemblance to the Red Bull RB19. 

Hamilton stated, “It’s looking very, very similar down the side.” 

These remarks highlight McLaren’s progress and their adoption of a design philosophy reminiscent of Red Bull’s successful approach.

Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes, was asked for his perspective on McLaren’s new look. He acknowledged the impressive upgrade and emphasised the need for thorough examination within the Mercedes camp. 

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Wolff remarked, “I think each of us had bodyworks that were perfectly good in the tunnel and it didn’t come out in performance. 

“So you’ve got to leave no stone unturned and maybe look at it again because another team just found a second in performance.”

The Mercedes team, already facing stiff competition from Aston Martin, now finds another formidable competitor in McLaren. 

The effective upgrades showcased by McLaren have added a new dimension to the race, with Mercedes being urged to explore different avenues to maximise their performance.

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The search for performance gains in Formula 1 is relentless, and teams continually strive to extract every ounce of speed from their cars. 

McLaren’s newfound success prompts Mercedes to reevaluate their own approach and ensure that they leave no aspect unexplored in their quest for improved performance.

As the British Grand Prix unfolds, all eyes will be on the five way battle between McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin, as each team fights for success in the top 10.