Martin Brundle addresses marijuana accusations

Sky Sports presenter Martin Brundle has responded to claims he was stoned while posting on Twitter.

Martin Brundle, the Sky Sports presenter and former F1 driver, found himself in a playful yet candid exchange regarding an accusation of being “stoned.” 

Known for his charismatic presence and insightful interviews on the network, Brundle has fostered a significant following, particularly through his pre-race grid walks, where he interacts with drivers and celebrity enthusiasts.

Despite his absence from the recent Dutch Grand Prix, Brundle maintains a regular presence as part of the presenting team at Sky Sports, often conducting grid walks at various races throughout the season. 

Recently, he ventured onto the platform X (formerly Twitter) to discuss his musical preferences, prompting unexpected banter with his followers.

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Posing a question about music, Brundle tweeted: “Is there a better track, or indeed lyrics, in history than Led Zep’s Stairway to Heaven?” 

While numerous followers responded with their own thoughts on the classic song, one fan humorously suggested that Brundle’s tweet resembled a “stoner” statement, saying: “Are you stoned, Brundle? This reads like one of the great stoner tweets of all time.”

Brundle swiftly dismissed the notion with a lighthearted reply, clarifying that he has never engaged in illegal substances. 

He countered, “Thank you for asking but no I’m not stoned. 

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“Never have been, and not sure I’d know how to be. I am an adrenaline junkie though. 

“Actually I think I may have found a happy place on Twitter (X) with so many nice replies and suggestions for other great tracks.”

Only days before, Brundle had utilised the same platform to share insights gathered from F1 enthusiasts during the summer break. 

He reported that a significant majority of individuals he spoke to expressed support for Lewis Hamilton, who remarkably secured a sixth-place finish at Zandvoort despite starting from the 13th grid position. 

Brundle posted: “So I’ve been out and about in the summer break. Met many and all kinds of F1 fans who want to engage which is really great. 

“Always thank them for their passion about our sport and ask them who they support. 

“95 per cent have said Lewis, so there you have it. 

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“Just a Marty poll but fact.”

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen aims to clinch his tenth consecutive victory, the question of Brundle’s appearance on Sky Sports looms. 

Verstappen’s potential triumph would surpass the record he shares with Sebastian Vettel, who achieved nine consecutive wins in the 2013 season with Red Bull.