Fernando Alonso feared Dutch fans

Fernando Alonso returned to the podium at the Dutch Grand Prix, threatening Max Verstappen at one point.

Fernando Alonso has opened up about his cautious approach to overtaking Max Verstappen during the Dutch Grand Prix, highlighting his respect for the energy of Zandvoort and expressing gratitude for his reinvigorated performance this season.

The Dutch Grand Prix delivered an exhilarating showdown, with Fernando Alonso showcasing his remarkable resurgence on the Formula 1 circuit. 

Alonso’s strategic choices and performance earned him a second-place finish, yet his post-race revelations illuminated the intricacies of his racing decisions.

As the race neared its conclusion and a red flag prompted a restart on lap 67, Alonso found himself in a compelling position to challenge Max Verstappen. 

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The Spaniard, known for his tenacity, confessed that his wariness of the potential consequences influenced his decision-making. Alonso acknowledged, “I did think about trying a move in the last restart, but then I thought maybe I cannot exit the circuit! So I stayed calm in second [place].”

In a candid interview with Dutch racing driver Guido van der Garde, Alonso shared his sentiments on the intense race experience. 

“It was a very intense race,” he remarked, detailing the initial wet conditions that showcased his car’s remarkable speed. 

Reflecting on the team’s strategy, he noted, “The car was flying today, very competitive, very easy to drive. 

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“So, in these conditions you need a car that you can trust.” 

Alonso’s trust in his car proved pivotal in navigating the ever-changing conditions of the Dutch Grand Prix.

Appreciating the unique energy of the Zandvoort circuit, Alonso highlighted the challenge of maintaining focus amidst the enthusiastic fanfare. 

“This is a very special race track. 

“With all the fans and the energy going on, you feel always very focused,” he shared. 

Alonso’s respect for the track’s atmosphere and his ability to channel that energy were evident in his impressive performance.

Alonso’s resurgence this season has been nothing short of remarkable. 

With seven podium finishes in the first 13 races, he has emerged as a significant contender against Red Bull’s dominance. 

This resurgence stands in stark contrast to his previous seasons, where he contended within the midfield. 

At 42 years old, Alonso expressed his gratitude toward his new team, Alpine, for their role in his revitalisation. 

Looking ahead, Alonso is poised to chase his first race victory since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix.

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“The energy that we live here in Zandvoort is very unique,” Alonso added.

Reflecting on the journey, he acknowledged the turnaround in his fortunes. 

“Two years ago, when this race came, I thought I will never experience maybe a Zandvoort podium because I was not in a position to think about that. 

“Today is going to be very special to share the podium with Max and with Pierre [Gasly] now.”