Marko: Albon is On Verstappen’s Level in Some Ways

Last week, the Austrian defended Albon and said there wasn’t any immediate pressure on his seat.

As head of Red Bull’s driver development program, Helmut Marko often has lots to say about the performance of its drivers – and he’s been particularly talkative in recent weeks.

Just a few days ago, he defended Alex Albon, blaming his poor performance at the Spanish Grand Prix on his engineer and said his seat at Red Bull is safe as long as he continues to develop.

And now, the Austrian has described Albon as “very fast” and even suggested he is on Max Verstappen’s level in some ways.

“Albon gives very good technical feedback to the team. His performance in the race is also strong. In the corners he is even at the level of Verstappen,” Marko said, suggesting that he will be a well-rounded driver once he improves his qualifying pace.

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Continuing, he said, “Albon is generally undervalued. What is completely forgotten is that he was the fastest man on the track during the second stint in both races at Silverstone.

“He was even faster than Verstappen at the time. He could have won the Red Bull Ring as well. That proves he’s absolutely very fast when he’s in his rhythm”.

When recently asked about the prospect of Daniel Ricciardo returning to Red Bull Racing, Marko simply said, “Ways back can always be found, but the circumstances have to be right.”

He also said that Verstappen and Ricciardo have “equal skills” and the team would have racked up more points this season had the Australian been driving for them alongside Verstappen.

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However, he went on to say that Red Bull would still only be second in the Constructors’ Championship, as Mercedes are a long way ahead.

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