Lewis Hamilton’s new contract baffles Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton recently admitted that he might not agree a new Mercedes deal before the end of the season.

Former Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg has voiced his bewilderment over the contract situation of his ex-team-mate, Lewis Hamilton, following Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff’s recent comments in Hungary. 

Wolff suggested that although the contract lacked a formal signature, the emotional commitment to extend Hamilton’s stay with the team was already in place.

As Hamilton’s existing deal with Mercedes is set to expire at the end of 2023, the racing world eagerly awaits his decision regarding his future with the Silver Arrows. 

However, the seven-time world champion’s hesitance in finalising the deal has left fans and pundits speculating about his next move.

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Rosberg, speaking on Sky Sports, admitted that he found Wolff’s statement puzzling and sought clarity on the matter. 

“Can someone tell me what that means when a contract is emotionally done?” he questioned, reflecting the confusion shared by many in the Formula 1 community.

The former Mercedes driver further expressed his curiosity about the reasons behind Hamilton’s extended decision-making process. 

“I have no idea where they are at, or why Lewis is taking so much time,” Rosberg stated. 

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Nevertheless, he expressed hope that Hamilton would continue with the team, a sentiment shared by countless supporters who admire the British driver’s extraordinary talent and achievements.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding Hamilton’s contract, the Mercedes team’s performance on the track seems to play a pivotal role in influencing the driver’s decision. 

With the car’s performance showing significant progress, Hamilton may be motivated to prolong his stay with the team. 

The opportunity to compete for pole positions and claim victories could be enticing factors that sway his choice.

“Especially with the car progressing now, that’s going to help that contract process also,” Rosberg explained, acknowledging the importance of a competitive car in securing Hamilton’s commitment. 

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“Once Lewis now feels the possibility, ‘Hey, I can do pole positions again, I can win races, yeah, I want to continue doing this.'”

Hamilton’s time at Mercedes has been marked by tremendous success, with numerous championships and race wins under his belt. 

The 2023 season could hold further opportunities for both personal and team triumphs, which might serve as additional incentives for the renowned driver to remain with the German outfit.