Lewis Hamilton warned over Fernando Alonso comment

Lewis Hamilton's comments about Fernando Alonso's age has prompted caution from former F1 champion Damon Hill.

Damon Hill, the esteemed 1996 Formula 1 world champion, has raised a warning flag for Lewis Hamilton following the seven-time world champion’s remarks about Fernando Alonso at the Canadian Grand Prix. 

Hamilton made a strong start in Montreal, overtaking Alonso at Turn 1. 

However, he ultimately surrendered his second-place position to the Spanish driver and had to settle for third.

In the post-race media pen, Hamilton light-heartedly attributed Alonso’s slower start to the effects of age and the reduced reaction times typically associated with someone in their 40s. 

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Nevertheless, Hill has cautioned Hamilton against provoking Alonso, as it could awaken the dormant competitive fire within the Aston Martin superstar.

Expressing his concerns, Hill told Express Sport: “I thought he was playing with fire a little bit with the friendly dig he gave Fernando Alonso about jumping him at the start, saying that it’s because he’s a bit old now.” 

Hill went on to emphasise the irony of Hamilton’s comment, stating: “Because the second oldest guy in Formula One is Lewis Hamilton! 

“But the good thing is that Fernando shows there’s life after 40. 

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“Lewis is probably thinking: ‘Great, I’ve got a few more seasons.'”

Despite Hamilton and Alonso being regarded as the next best drivers after the dominant Red Bull duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, it is Alonso who currently holds the third position in the standings with 117 points. This puts him 15 points ahead of Hamilton, who occupies fourth place.

Hamilton’s light-hearted banter may have been intended in good spirits, but Hill’s cautionary words serve as a reminder that Alonso remains a formidable opponent on the track. 

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The veteran Spaniard has showcased his exceptional skills and resilience, disproving any notions that age hinders performance in Formula 1.

As the battle for podium positions intensifies, Hamilton would be wise to tread carefully with his comments about Alonso. 

The rivalry between the two drivers has the potential to add an extra layer of excitement to future races, but Hamilton must be cautious not to ignite the competitive spirit that lies within Alonso.