Max Verstappen leaves fans and commentators stunned

Max Verstappen is in an excellent position to claim his third consecutive Formula 1 title in 2023.

In a stunning display of dominance, Max Verstappen emerged as the undisputed leader of the Formula 1 grid at the Canadian Grand Prix, with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton joining him on the podium.

Brundle, reflecting on the race in an interview with Sky Sports, shed light on Verstappen’s exceptional performance and the stroke of luck that accompanied his triumph.

Brundle acknowledged that Verstappen encountered minimal challenges throughout the race, with the only notable incidents being an unfortunate encounter with a bird perched near a brake duct and a jarring trip over a treacherous kerb that had earlier unsettled George Russell. 

Despite these minor setbacks, Verstappen’s composure remained unshaken, even managing to see the humour in the situation as he jokingly remarked over the team radio that the kerb nearly knocked him out. 

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Brundle commended Verstappen, stating: “He’s on top of his game, and everything seems to be falling into place for him.”

The young 25-year-old driver has emerged as the clear frontrunner in Formula 1 this season, easily surpassing his fellow competitors both on the starting grid and in the championship standings. 

Verstappen’s unrivalled skill and consistent performance have firmly established him as the number-one driver in the sport. 

Brundle emphasised this point, asserting that Verstappen has outshone his Formula 1 colleagues, leaving no doubt about his position at the top.

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Brundle also highlighted the significance of the podium ceremony, which showcased a remarkable trio of champions: Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, and Verstappen. 

Joining them on the podium was Adrian Newey, representing the Red Bull team. Brundle recognized the symbolic nature of this moment, epitomixing the current state of Formula 1 and the immense talent brought together in a single race.

As Verstappen’s dominance continues to unfold, fans and pundits alike are left in awe of his capabilities on the track. With each race, he solidifies his reputation as a force to be reckoned with, showcasing remarkable skill, composure, and an uncanny ability to capitalise on favourable circumstances.