Lewis Hamilton warned about making Charles Leclerc his number two

Lewis Hamilton has been warned that he might end up as the number two driver at Ferrari in 2025.

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc are set to embark on a competitive journey at Ferrari with their contrasting driving styles and ambitions.

Hamilton’s surprising move from Mercedes to Ferrari for the 2025 season has raised expectations of a fierce battle within the team.

Prior to Hamilton’s arrival, Leclerc had committed his future to Ferrari with a rumored five-year extension beyond 2024, but he has remained silent on the recent announcement.

This surprising change in the driver lineup has caught the motorsport world’s attention.

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Ralf Schumacher, a former Formula 1 driver, highlights the potential challenges that may arise within the Ferrari team due to Hamilton and Leclerc’s differing needs.

While the addition of Hamilton to the roster could make Ferrari’s driver lineup one of the strongest on the grid, it also presents a potential dilemma.

Both Hamilton and Leclerc aspire to become Ferrari’s first Drivers’ Champion since 2007, and neither will be content playing second fiddle.

Schumacher predicts that Ferrari’s first headache could be related to providing a car that suits both drivers’ preferences.

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Hamilton is known to require a stable car, while Leclerc can handle a more nervous one. The outcome of this battle for car setup and team hierarchy remains uncertain.

Before Hamilton joins Ferrari, he will have one final season with Mercedes, where Schumacher believes the team will favor his teammate George Russell over the departing Carlos Sainz.

This decision will add complexity to both Ferrari and Mercedes’ upcoming campaigns as they navigate their respective team dynamics.

The decision of why Hamilton chose to leave Mercedes after 12 seasons has left many wondering.

Several factors, including a winless streak, Mercedes’ challenges in the ground-effect aerodynamic era, and discussions about an ambassadorial role, have been suggested.

Schumacher speculates that Hamilton may have “lost trust” in the team’s ability to deliver results, particularly in the past two challenging years.

Furthermore, Schumacher points out the long-standing relationship between Hamilton and Frederic Vasseur, the team principal at Ferrari, suggesting that Vasseur may have made promises that influenced Hamilton’s decision to switch teams.

Hamilton’s move to Ferrari sets the stage for an intriguing battle between him and Leclerc, with both drivers possessing different driving styles and ambitions.

The challenge for Ferrari will be to provide a car that accommodates their preferences.

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Meanwhile, Mercedes faces the dilemma of how to handle the remainder of the season with two competitive drivers and Hamilton’s departure.

Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes may have been influenced by a perceived lack of trust in the team and the enticing promises made by Ferrari’s team principal.

The 2025 Formula 1 season promises to be an exciting one with many storylines to follow.