Lewis Hamilton teases fans over role in Brad Pitt movie

Lewis Hamilton has given greater insight into his role in the upcoming Formula 1 movie, which he is working on as a producer and adviser.

Lewis Hamilton has teased fans about his upcoming role in the Formula 1 movie that is in production, hinting that he could appear on screen in the blockbuster film.

While most drivers took a break or found other sports to fill their time when the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix was cancelled last month, Hamilton took the opportunity to go through the film’s script with the director, producer and key cast members.

With Brad Pitt set to star and Hamilton listed as a producer and adviser, the seven-time world champion has given fans an update on the role he is set to play in the production.

While Pitt has been behind the wheel of a modified F2 car, designed to look like an F1 car, with the movie star set to hit the track in between sessions at the British Grand Prix to secure realistic shots for the film.

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“I don’t really have any desire to be in front of the camera, but there may be an element in it where maybe I’ll slot in and play a small cameo, but at the moment that’s not the plan,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.

Using his role in the film to push his mission of ensuring greater equality in motorsports, Hamilton has put a focus on ensuring there is a truly diverse cast, with Damson Idris set to take a leading role.

Since joining the grid as the first, and so far only, black driver in Formula 1, Hamilton has been keen to ensure that people from a variety of ethnic and social-economic backgrounds have an opportunity to make it into the world of motorsports.

“I’m more enjoying the part in the background, making sure that I’m really talking to Joe [Kosinski] about who we’re hiring,” he added.

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“Making sure that it’s diverse, making sure that the sport looks how it’s supposed to look in the future, in terms of being more accessible.

“Recruitment is going great, and I get to see all of those videos come through of people auditioning for the roles.

“And I get to be part of the decision-making of who we choose, who we like and who is most suited or not.”