Lewis Hamilton takes to social media to reverse controversial stance

Lewis Hamilton has taken to social media to clarify comments he made ahead of this weekend's 2023 Qatar GP.

Lewis Hamilton has shared his thoughts on Andretti’s anticipated entry into the world of Formula 1. 

While he initially appeared supportive of the idea of new teams joining the sport, Hamilton later clarified his stance, expressing reservations about Andretti’s potential presence on the grid.

Andretti, a prominent force in both the IndyCar and Formula E series, has long been a legendary name in the motorsport realm. 

Their proposed entry into Formula 1 has sparked considerable interest, particularly among American motorsport enthusiasts.

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 With the likelihood of an American driver accompanying their F1 venture, excitement surrounding their participation has grown substantially.

Two young IndyCar talents, Colton Herta and Kyle Kirkwood, are currently considered front-runners for the two coveted seats in Andretti’s potential F1 team. 

Their impressive track records in the IndyCar series could attract a significant American audience to Formula 1, further amplified by the addition of new races in Miami and Las Vegas.

However, not all stakeholders in Formula 1 share Hamilton’s initial enthusiasm for Andretti’s entry. 

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Lawrence Stroll, the owner of Aston Martin’s F1 team, publicly voiced his opposition to the idea. 

Stroll argued that the current formula of a ten-team grid is not in need of fixing.

Hamilton initially expressed his support for Andretti’s prospective entry into Formula 1, stating, “Yeah, I think it’s great. I’ve always felt there weren’t enough cars on the grid. 

“While there’s definitely people that won’t be happy for me to be supportive of it, I think it’s great.

“It’s an opportunity for more jobs, it’s another two seats available for a female driver to come through. 

“It opens up more possibilities, and I think it would be more exciting for the race.”

However, Hamilton later took to a social media platform to clarify his stance, responding to a fan’s query with:

“Nope, don’t support Andretti. Just the idea of another team in the future if it’s a chance to make our sport more diverse.”

While Hamilton remains unconvinced about Andretti’s potential arrival, other Formula 1 drivers have displayed more positive attitudes toward the idea. 

Max Verstappen, one of Hamilton’s chief rivals on the track, acknowledged the complexity of the situation, saying, “Of course, I am not a team owner, but I can understand their side. 

“But everything I have seen so far, plus I think the partners they have, and the name, they have shown that they are a professional team. 

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“So it would be I think it’s nice because it gives more opportunities for the drivers’ side. 

“But I can understand it from the teams’ side that they don’t want it. 

“So it is a tricky one, a tough one.”