Lewis Hamilton reacts to Aston Martin’s upgrades

Mercedes' upgrade package is demonstrating positive signs after Lewis Hamilton secured another podium finish.

Lewis Hamilton’s second consecutive podium finish has left him optimistic about Mercedes’ trajectory, indicating that the team is moving in the right direction. 

While his teammate George Russell faced retirement, Hamilton’s podium success underscores Mercedes’ resurgence.

Seizing an advantage over Fernando Alonso at the start, the seven-time world champion eventually succumbed to the relentless pursuit of the Spanish driver on Lap 22. 

The ensuing laps were akin to extended qualifying sessions for Hamilton as he chased his competitors, albeit without success.

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However, the upgraded package that Mercedes initially introduced in Monaco and effectively utilised in Barcelona a week later seems to be yielding the desired results. 

Hamilton expressed his satisfaction with the weekend’s performance, emphasising the team’s gradual progress.

“We are steadily making progress,” Hamilton shared with reporters at the end of the race. 

“The Aston Martins made some strides this weekend with their upgrades, but we are committed to making further advancements.”

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Reflecting on his podium finish in Montreal alongside two world champions, Hamilton expressed his excitement while acknowledging the team’s lack of pace on the day. 

He attributed his challenges to struggles in the lower-speed corners, particularly with traction coming out of Turn 2 and other corners.

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Acknowledging the areas that require improvement, Hamilton emphasised the team’s focus on enhancing rear downforce and overall efficiency.

He remained steadfast in his belief that Mercedes will reach their goals, expressing confidence in their ability to close the performance gap.

Although Max Verstappen established a considerable lead, Hamilton noted that Mercedes’ pace was relatively closer to their competitors on race day, providing further evidence of their progress in the right direction.