Lewis Hamilton plays Safety Car prank on George Russell

The first Las Vegas Grand Prix since 1982 will take place on the 18 November 2023.

The excitement for next November’s Las Vegas Grand Prix is certainly building, with Formula 1 and Liberty Media pulling out all the stops to get fans and the drivers as excited for the event as possible.

Interestingly, the Grand Prix, in what is regarded as the ‘entertainment capital of the world’ is being promoted by the sport itself, with the championship also being responsible for ticket sales.

The prices for the tickets themselves appear to be astronomical, with the average three-day pass set to cost $500, whilst some hotel packages have been set at a mind-boggling $100,000.

Some have questioned whether the event is aimed at the ‘average’ fan, with the traditional attendee being arguably out-priced.

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Despite this, all the glitz and the glamour that Las Vegas presents does come at a cost, which is possibly why the sport are advertising the race to the extent of which they are.

The circuit will be featuring a small section of the famous Vegas strip, which will make the cars look unbelievable with the lights along the strip set to reflect off the drivers chassis and helmets.

With that in mind, it should come as no shock that the build-up to next year’s race is bigger than perhaps ever seen before, with a demo run having been done over a year ahead of the race.

Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Sergio Pérez were just some of the names who took part in the demos for those in attendance, with Hamilton having done some incredible donuts.

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Russell; however, had a shockingly poor attempt at doing a burnout; however, his team-mate revealed why he found it so hard during an on-stage interview!

“So George when we were in the Safety Car, whilst you weren’t looking, I turned traction control on,” Hamilton revealed.

“Did you?” laughed Russell.

“So, when you try and do the burnouts you couldn’t do any!” added Hamilton, hilariously.

“I tried to do a burnout,” Russell started saying before Hamilton interrupted.

“He’s like ‘I don’t know what’s going on with it, it won’t break traction'” Hamilton explained.

“So, you did that?” Russell asked.

“There you have it, team-mates for you guys,” said the host.

“Playing games!” added Russell.

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“I’m f**king with you!” Hamilton revealed.

“I didn’t really do it,” he joked.

“No, no I thought you did. Something wasn’t right,” said Russell.