Who Has The Higher Net Worth? Lewis Hamilton Vs Marcus Rashford

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Marcus Rashford are two of Britain’s most talented and famous athletes.

Hamilton has been competing in the pinnacle of motorsport since 2007, while Rashford – who’s 13 years younger than the Mercedes driver – burst onto the Premier League in 2016 with Manchester United.

Who Has The Higher Net Worth?

The seven-time World Champion currently earns around $30 million per season at Mercedes, though it should be mentioned that he earns upwards of an additional $15 million each year from various personal sponsorships and brand deals

This gives him a total annual income of around $45 million.

Rashford, on the other hand, earns around $13 million per year at The Red Devils. 

He also earns several million dollars per year in performance-related bonuses and personal sponsorship deals.

Given Hamilton’s considerably larger salary and the fact he has been an F1 racer much longer than Rashford has been a professional footballer, it should come as no surprise that he has a net worth several times larger than Rashford’s.

Specifically, Hamilton’s net worth is estimated to stand at around the $285 million mark – and it’s forecast to rise to $330 million by the end of the season.

On the other hand, the Man Utd forward is estimated to have amassed a net worth of circa $80 million. 

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