Lewis Hamilton makes bold McLaren and Ferrari prediction

Lewis Hamilton has recently been linked with a move to Ferrari, in a deal that would see Charles Leclerc join Mercedes.

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton believes that either Mercedes, Ferrari, or even McLaren could dominate the sport when the new regulations come into effect. 

Red Bull has held a clear advantage since the introduction of ground-effect-inspired cars in 2022, leading to some considering the consistent victories by the same car and driver as monotonous.

Hamilton himself experienced the feeling of having a vastly superior car during his glory days with Mercedes from 2014 to 2020. 

However, the introduction of new regulations typically leads to a shake-up at both the front and rear of the field, which is why Hamilton wouldn’t be surprised if his former team resurges to the top.

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“If we keep things the way they are, maybe it’ll be Ferrari next to have several years of dominance, and then it will be someone else, maybe McLaren will be, or maybe Mercedes will be back,” Hamilton stated. 

He further added, “But I think that’s not what’s best for the fans ultimately. 

“We shouldn’t be able to have dominance for multiple years. 

“It’s got to be tough, it’s got to be closer for us all, and I think that’s what will make it more exciting for the fans.”

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Expressing his perspective as a fan, Hamilton emphasised that prolonged periods of dominance, like those he experienced, Michael Schumacher had, Sebastian Vettel had, and now Max Verstappen is currently enjoying, are not desirable. 

He highlighted the importance of competitive racing for the benefit of the fans.

The anticipation surrounding the implementation of the new regulations stems from the hope that they will level the playing field and lead to a more competitive Formula 1. 

Hamilton’s comments reflect the desire for a dynamic and unpredictable championship, with different teams and drivers vying for victories each season.

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As Formula 1 progresses, the sport continuously evolves to ensure excitement and entertainment for fans worldwide. 

The introduction of new regulations represents a pivotal moment in achieving this goal, as teams work to adapt and capitalise on the changes. 

With the potential for a shift in dominance, the upcoming seasons could offer thrilling battles and intense competition among the leading teams.