Lewis Hamilton furious with Sergio Perez decision

Sergio Perez made a number of unpunished infractions while other drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, were penalised.

Lewis Hamilton raged to his Mercedes team via the radio that Sergio Perez was breaking track limit rules and not being punished at the Austrian GP – unlike himself and several other racers.

Hamilton was hit with a five-second time penalty for repeatedly crossing the line at turn 10. 

The Mercedes team warned Hamilton about turn 10, but he told them: “I can’t keep it on the track, the car won’t turn.”

The British driver was not only angered by the penalties issued to him but also by the apparent unfair distribution of penalties by the FIA.

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He told Mercedes team engineer, Peter Bonnington, “Yep, Perez went off at turn 10. If they’re dishing these things out they might as well know.”

Later on, he added: “This guy has been off every single time, turn 10 again.”

Perez was eventually issued a track limits violation at turn 9, but did not receive a time penalty.

FIA stewards were keen to clamp down on this particular violation, also issuing Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz with a five-second penalty.

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Yuki Tsuonda, Alex Albon, Nyck de Vries, Esteban Ocon, and Pierre Gasly were among the drivers handed sanctions during the Austrian Grand Prix.

Turn 10 seemed to pose a particular problem for many of the drivers.

Lando Norris had complained repeatedly about Hamilton before the Mercedes driver was hit with a time sanction.

When Norris’ McLaren team asked him to report on Hamilton’s violations, he joked: “He’s going off every lap everywhere. I’m not going to talk all the time.”

However, Hamilton was furious at the decisions being made by the FIA.

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He told his team: “Just have a look at those because some of those are bull**** calls.”

His Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, had to take to the radio to calm the ruffled Hamilton down and reassure him of the situation.

Hamilton ultimately finished seventh in the Austrian GP main event, while Perez claimed third place: this may have compounded the British racer’s anger at the FIA’s decisions.