Lewis Hamilton dismisses Mercedes claim

Lewis Hamilton is seeking to remain optimistic but accepts Mercedes has work to do if they are to challenge for a title again.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has opened up about the real reason Mercedes has failed to close the gap to the dominant Red Bull Racing team.

While they have showed progress at points, Mercedes has been regularly outpaced by rivals due to limitations in their car’s development, as well as progress in the performance of their rivals.

Following a change in developmental direction and the introduction of upgrades, Mercedes briefly held the best-of-the-rest position, surpassing Aston Martin. 

However, McLaren’s rapid development following their own updates and Ferrari’s gradual improvement have hindered Mercedes’ continued progress.

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Addressing the criticism of fluctuating form, Hamilton refuted the claims, stating, “I don’t see it that way. 

“I don’t feel like we’ve been going forwards and backward. 

“I think we’ve been going slowly forwards, but others have been moving forwards as well.” 

He acknowledged that some teams have made bigger strides than Mercedes, but the team remains committed to continuous improvement.

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Hamilton clarified that Mercedes does not have a plan for a sudden leap in performance, similar to what McLaren achieved. 

He pointed out that limitations in the understanding of airflow throughout the car have affected the development process. 

While simulations and new tools aid the process, the complexity of airflow structures under the car makes progress time-consuming. 

Hamilton expressed his wish for faster development but acknowledged the need for caution and methodical decision-making to avoid setbacks.

The technical department, now led by James Allison, has been working diligently to bring improvements to the car. 

Hamilton praised Allison’s skills and their excellent working relationship. 

The team holds regular meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page, and Hamilton is confident in the collective effort to reach their performance goals.

Acknowledging that developments are in the pipeline, Hamilton affirmed that the car on the track will continue to evolve throughout the season. 

However, he emphasised that building and refining components takes time.

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Hamilton remains optimistic about the progress being made but acknowledges that the competition is fierce. 

With limited resources and strict development timelines, the team must make careful and calculated decisions to maximise performance gains. 

The collaboration between the technical team and the drivers, including Hamilton and George Russell, has fostered effective communication and a shared vision for success.