Lewis Hamilton delivers good news to his fans ahead of 2023 season

Mercedes were unfortunate to not finish as runners up last season, as Ferrari managed to survive a late scare from the Silver Arrows.

Mercedes’ 2022 season can be described as nothing other than a disaster, as the team were completely caught off guard by elements of the new era of Formula 1.

The Silver Arrow’s design for the W13 saw the car struggle massively with a porpoising issue that cost the team half a season of development while the desperately sought to solve the problem.

Eventually the Mercedes engineers did manage to stop the bouncing and develop upgrades for the W13, which had a significant impact on performance when they were applied in Austin for the US Grand Prix.

While seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton did finish the season winless for the first time in his career, he ended the season with a flurry of podiums and his new teammate George Russell managed to pick up the first win of his career as part of a one-two in Brazil.

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Hamilton is set to sign a contract extension with Mercedes in the coming weeks and has explained that despite the struggles and heartbreak of the last two years, Mercedes end to 2022 has given him confidence for next season.

“I know how hard it is to be at the top and to stay there. We want to get back to the top,” Hamilton told Bild.

“What gives us great hope is the end of this season. The last few races have shown a clear positive trend and prove that with perseverance we can achieve anything.

“I think retiring as a world champion is a dream that every athlete has, and so do I.”

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The heartbreak of Abu Dhabi in 2021 combined with last year’s winless season would be enough for many drivers to call it a day in Formula 1, but Hamilton has suggested that it has actually made him more motivated than ever to win a record breaking eighth world title.

While a contract extension is still yet to be formally signed, both Hamilton and his Mercedes boss Toto Wolff have stated that it is a matter of time until the Brit’s stay with the team is extended, however there are more pressing tasks on the agenda to complete before addressing the contract.

George Russell’s performances were a silver lining for Mercedes last season, as the 23-year-old surpassed expectations to beat his veteran teammate in the championship, meaning that should the W14 be a race winning car, either driver could be set for championship glory in 2023.