Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas’ most bizarre exchange

Lewis Hamilton was victim of boos and jeers at the Mexican GP, something which has happened multiple times this season.

With all the negativity that surrounded the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix, it seems like a perfect time to revisit one of the funniest moments of 2021, which involved Valtteri Bottas and a beaver’s genitals.

Sunday’s race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez was far from exciting unfortunately, with minimal tyre wear and an inability for the drivers to run close together, resulting in an underwhelming race.

Max Verstappen did; however, claim victory for the 14th time this season and his fourth time in Mexico City, further highlighting his dominance over the field.

His comfortable victory also meant he eclipsed Michael Schumacher’s and Sebastian Vettel’s joint record of most wins in a single season, making the record his very own.

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Off the circuit, though, multiple incidents took place.

Lewis Hamilton was sadly victim to boos and jeers during the weekend, with them having been heard clearly whilst he was trying to give his post-race interview after finishing second.

Sergio Pérez tried to get the fans to stop, by wagging his finger in the air to insist that the crowd’s behaviour wasn’t correct.

According to F1 presenter Will Buxton, he’d also heard that the seven-time World Champion was met with worse than boos and jeers as well, potentially hinting at yet more racial abuse.

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Boos, jeers, and racist comments have cast a shadow over the 2022 season, with crowd-related incidents having taken place at a worrying number of races this year.

Online abuse has also been an unwanted occurrence, with Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz having been the latest to feel the wrath of social media’s toxicity, after being blasted with disgusting online abuse.

With so much negativity having taken place as of late, it felt right to look back on a hilarious moment from 2021.

The moment in question was from a Mercedes ‘2021 catch-up’ video, where Hamilton and former team-mate Bottas reflected on moments from the year.

The video somehow got to the point where Bottas, who finished 10th in Mexico, revealed perhaps the most bizarre fact ever known by an F1 driver, with it safe to say that the entire F1 community now knows the size of a beaver’s pen*s.

“What is the most ridiculous fact you know?” Hamilton asked Bottas in 2021.

“I know exactly by a millimetre the average pen*s size of a beaver,” unexpectedly admitted Bottas.

“What is that? I thought you were going to say human, but you said the beaver. And what do you have to find out?” said Hamilton.

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“I think it is 30mm on average for a European beaver,” revealed the Alfa Romeo driver, whilst the pair were chuckling away.

“When I was googling those things,” he added.

“I was afraid I was going to get arrested or something.”