‘I wasn’t stealing anything’: Martin Brundle has awkward interaction in Mexico

Martin Brundle had to apologise to a woman during his Mexican GP grid walk, after it looked like he was trying to steal from her.

Ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit, Martin Brundle, has been called many things over the years whilst working for a number of different broadcasters, but rarely a ‘comedian’.

He is perhaps most famous now for his occasionally infamous grid walks, where the Brit walks around the grid prior to the race starting, where he tries to grab an interview with any driver or celebrity who’ll willingly, or unwillingly, spare him a minute.

Last weekend’s United States Grand Prix was by far one of his more infamous grid walks, after chasing after Hollywood star Brad Pitt for an interview.

On that day prior to the race at the Circuit of the Americas, Brundle’s shoulder was touched by one of Pitt’s bodyguards, with the famous actor not wanting to partake in any interviews, despite being part of a new F1-themed film.

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His Mexico grid walk, on the other hand, will go down as one of his best of 2022, where he went from finding his “number one fan”, to having to tell a woman he wasn’t stealing from her handbag!

Hilariously, a woman named Amelia, went up to the pundit during his grid walk to say that she “loved” him, which resulted in a live conversation between the pair.

“I just loved how you chased Brad Pitt last week,” declared the beaming woman, named Amelia.

“It’s nice to meet you, I love you!” she added

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Brundle went on to hail the mystery woman as his “number one fan”.

Just moments later, his microphone cable was stuck on a woman’s bag, which resulted in another hilarious conversation.

“I’ve got my microphone caught up on this ladies’ handbag,” Brundle said, whilst the woman began to turn around to face the ex-F1 driver.

“Sorry, I wasn’t stealing anything out of your handbag – it was my microphone cable,” Brundle brilliantly insisted.

Brundle’s comment resulted in the lady laughing, before saying “I’m so sorry!”.

The cable was caught as a result of the incredibly busy grid, and also the fact he was racing through crowds to try and talk to Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.am.

Social media quickly filled with comments regarding the grid walk, insisting that the Sky Sports F1 pundit is “is the comedy of the F1 weekend”.

“Martin Brundle goes from a woman chatting him up to mugging a woman’s handbag in the space of 30 seconds. The grid walk is pure chaos AND I LOVE IT,” a social media user said.

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“Martin Brundle’s grid walk is the highlight of every F1 race,” claimed another user.

Brundle’s grid walk was perhaps the highlight of Sky’s Sunday coverage, with the race having been perhaps the most boring of the season, due to very little overtaking.

Max Verstappen claimed his 14th victory of the season, ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Pérez, with the latter being a much-welcomed podium finisher at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.