Lewis Hamilton and George Russell thrill fans with hypercar adventures

Lewis Hamilton has clearly had the measure of Mercedes team-mate George Russell thus far in 2023.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, both distinguished Mercedes-AMG drivers, embarked on a thrilling track day adventure that left fans in awe. 

The dynamic duo recently put the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar through its paces, showcasing their expertise and enthusiasm for the brand’s cutting-edge performance machines.

In a captivating video shared on the performance sub-brand’s YouTube page, Hamilton and Russell pushed the boundaries of the Mercedes-AMG One. 

As the individuals most intimately familiar with the team’s Formula 1 race car, they were the perfect candidates to explore this F1-inspired technical marvel.

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The action-packed clip captures the teammates immersing themselves in a day of exhilarating driving at the Playground, Mercedes-Benz’s test track nestled in the German town of Immendingen.

The adventure began with both drivers taking on the challenge of navigating a slalom course in the awe-inspiring $2.7 million hypercar. 

The Mercedes-AMG One boasts a fusion of ultra-aerodynamic design and an F1-derived hybrid powertrain, featuring a turbocharged 1.6-litre V-6 engine coupled with four electric motors, delivering an astounding power output exceeding 1,000 horsepower. 

While both drivers encountered their fair share of cones during the slalom, their joy and excitement were palpable. 

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In addition to the slalom test, they couldn’t resist engaging in a thrilling drag race, with Hamilton emerging victorious.

Hamilton couldn’t contain his amazement, remarking, “It’s just insane that it’s actually got a Formula 1 engine in the back.” 

He went on to highlight the car’s exceptional handling, expressing his enjoyment of the drifting experience through the slalom course.

However, Hamilton and Russell’s thrilling track day extended beyond the Mercedes-AMG One. 

The two accomplished drivers also had the opportunity to unleash their skills behind the wheel of two of AMG’s sportier models. 

Hamilton piloted the new GT, while Russell took charge of the C63 S E Performance, indulging in an adrenaline-pumping drifting session, made all the more exhilarating by the presence of Drift Mode. 

To cap off their memorable day, Hamilton savoured a luxurious spin in the S63 E Performance, while Russell experienced the thrill from the passenger seat.

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Regrettably for aspiring hypercar enthusiasts, acquiring the Mercedes-AMG One might prove to be a near-impossible dream. 

The entire production run of 275 vehicles, which had faced several delays, is already completely sold out. 

Even for those fortunate enough to secure access, the strict road standards in the United States forced Mercedes-AMG to forgo offering the hypercar in the American market.