Lewis Hamilton and George Russell ignoring each other amid spat

It has recently been suggested that Mercedes made a mistake by firing Valtteri Bottas and signing George Russell.

A video clip has surfaced showing Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell seemingly ignoring each other at the conclusion of the race, highlighting potential tensions within the team.

Mercedes has maintained a policy of not designating a clear number one driver, allowing Hamilton and Russell to compete on equal terms during their two-year partnership. 

This philosophy has led to captivating on-track battles between the talented duo.

In the preceding race in Singapore, fans witnessed both Mercedes drivers aggressively pursuing Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz for the win. 

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However, Hamilton’s pressure on Russell in the final stages of the race ultimately led to a dramatic crash, costing Russell a podium finish and handing Hamilton his fifth rostrum appearance of the season.

The Japanese Grand Prix saw Hamilton and Russell once again engaged in fierce competition, resulting in some aggressive racing incidents that spilled over into an awkward encounter after the race in parc ferme.

Early in the race, Russell managed to overtake Hamilton for fifth place at the turn 16 chicane, only for Hamilton to swiftly retake the position moments later at turn one. 

Their on-track battles continued, with Hamilton making an error at the Degner curves, allowing Russell to close the gap. 

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In response, Hamilton defended strongly, pushing his younger team-mate off the circuit.

As the race entered its closing stages, Russell was tasked with defending his position from the faster Hamilton, who himself faced pressure from Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz. 

Mercedes, embroiled in a constructors’ battle for second place with Ferrari, made the decision to swap their drivers’ positions, moving Hamilton into fifth place and leaving Russell exposed to potential threats from behind. 

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This strategic move led to confusion among both drivers and sparked heated discussions over team radio regarding the preferred race strategy.

Ultimately, Mercedes surrendered five crucial points to Ferrari at Suzuka, intensifying the rivalry between the two teams.

In the aftermath of the race, neither Hamilton nor Russell acknowledged each other as they exited their vehicles, creating an awkward moment that suggests tensions within the Mercedes camp may be reaching a crescendo as the season approaches its conclusion.